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  1. Hello Trudy, it’s Ivy from the Grande Chaumière, I love your pictures! It’s wonderful to see how enthusiastic you were about your visit to Paris. I hope you are doing well back in Canada and that you are drawing as lovely as ever! Best regards, Ivy Arnold


    • Hello Ivy, I was so pleased to see that you had written. Thank you for your kind comments, and taking the time to make me feel welcome at the Grande Chaumière. I hope to be able to return one day. I visited your website and your paintings are amazing! I love your work. I see you are exhibiting this month, how I wish I was in Paris so I could attend. All the best in 2015.


  2. Hi Andrew, I have to admit I do miss Paris, but I am sure I will return for another visit. It was such a surprise to find this nomination. I didn’t even know there were such awards, being rather new to the world of blogging but I will look into it and see what I need to do. Thank you very much for the nomination. You certainly made me feel rather special. All the best in 2015, Trudy


  3. Hi Trudy,
    I have been looking for the name of the artist that does the playful pictures of people on the small deck tiles. I saw that you stayed at their apartment ass hoping you still remembered their name. If you do please let me know I would appreciate it thank you!


  4. Hello Trudy! I read your entry about figure drawing in Prague and I wanted to as you about that. Can you email me to follow up? I’d appreciate it. Thank you!


    • Hello Matthew,
      Sorry, I only saw this today…haven’t been blogging since our last trip. If you are still wanting to ask me about this please let me know. I fear I may be too late if you were wanting info on an upcoming trip you were planning. Trudy


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