Quiet Saturday

I had planned on going back to the Académie again this afternoon, but ended up sleeping in and it would have been much too rushed.  Between  missing one night’s sleep while travelling and getting to sleep so late all this week I was overtired.  I decided to stay put today and get organized for the coming week.

So I now have a big pot of vegetable chicken soup, a bowl of yummy quinoa, avocado, and veggie salad and another of cooked apples and raisins.  I have been eating only anti-inflammatory foods for the last 20 months and it has made quite an improvement in my health.  It does present a few challenges while travelling as I am not able to eat gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn or peanuts.  Sigh, no croissants or pastries for me, but I can enjoy a piece  of dark chocolate, so that is my treat.

I had a relaxing day, chatted with my daughter and husband, and figured out the logistics for taking the train to Giverny tomorrow .  Giverny is the home of Monet’s studio and gardens, the ones that inspired his famous water lily series of paintings.  I thought I better go there while the weather is so nice, so that is where I will be tomorrow.

Here are a couple pictures of some of the sketches I did yesterday.  Sure wish I had a scanner…. but these will have to do.



I drew on seven pages in one of my new sketchbooks and hope to have it full by the time I return home.

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