Three Months in Spain and Portugal!

We are on our way to Barcelona for a much needed holiday.  We have a little apartment rented in Barcelona for a week and then we pick up a rental car and follow our noses for the next ten weeks, before spending the last week back in Barcelona.  We will be in Spain and Portugal for the next three months!  I will be blogging but maybe not quite as often or as in depth as when I was in Paris.  Although I had planned on maintaining my Paris blog as an art blog when I returned home, I wasn’t very successful, so here is to a new beginning.  Hope you enjoy following along on our trip.  I am hoping for a bit of art time each day, we will see how it goes.

imageimageLeaving the clouds behind in Edmonton.  Barcelona here we come!imagePreparing our first meal in our Barcelona apartment.  It is in a great location, everything we need within a block or two, even an organic food store. image

It was a very long day.  By the time we arrived, got the keys to our apartment and got settled it was 6:00 am Edmonton time.   I finally was able to lay down for a much needed nap.  We went for a little walk and bought some groceies just before the store closed at 9:00, came home and made a yummy dinner.

10 thoughts on “Three Months in Spain and Portugal!

    • Yes Christine, safely but vey tired. Sure wish I could learn to sleep on a plane! Bob managed quite a few naps,but I was wide awake the whole time. Thank heavens for in-flight movies! I was awake at 6:00 this morning. I think it is going to take a while to adjust to an eight hour time difference. 6:30 am here is 10:30 pm back home, but all in all in all it was a good trip.


    • Hi Liliane, nice to see you are ‘with’ us here in Spain. We feel very content and vey lucky to be able to have such an extended holiday. It is so nice not having to rush.


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