Barcelona Cathedral and Giants!

We went for a walk yesterday, and it didn’t seem to matter which street we wandered onto, there were beautiful buildings everywhere.imageWe were headed towards the Barcelona Cathedral and decided to walk there, it was about an hour stroll with so many stops to look at everything.The  narrow streets around the Cathedral were intersting and we found these entrancing gargoyles, a unicorn and an elephant!

We walked around the walled cathedral and founf these intriqing gargoyles, a unicorn and an


We were able to visit the roof of the cathedral but there was something wrong with my camera and all the pictures taken up there look like this.  Interesting but certainly not what I wanted! It was very windy but there were great views of the city, and the bells rang when we were standing up there!image

This Cathedral might be one of the largest that I have ever visited, but of course pictures don’t do it justice.image


One of my favourite places was the Cloister, which came complete with mossy fountains and geese!imageimageIt was difficult to get a photo of the front of the Cathedral as there were workers putting up some sort of stage, which we later discovered is for a Festival this weekend.image

Just around the corner beside the Cathedral there were some interesting sculptures. There is so much to see here that walking is slow.  One needs to remember to look left, right, up and down! A strange combination, this very modern sculpture and this very ancient Cathedral. We go looking for an address for a Life Drawing Meetup tonight and it is on the same street as the Palau de la Musica, a fanciful building covered in mosaics and interesting decoration.  We will do a tour of the inside, but not today.image

We head home for some food and a bit of a rest before my life drawing, then take the Metro back, just in time to find out that it is happening tomorrow night, not tonight!  So we went exploring for a while.image

These ‘Giants’ were in a nook off a side street. We later found out they will be part of the Festival Parade this weekend. We are forward to seeing that!

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