“Winter is Coming!”

We arrived in Girona Wednesday evening and learned that The Game of Thrones was filming part of the sixth season here earlier this month.  Bob is convinced that we could have been hired as extras if only we had arrived a bit sooner!  This our first view of the two Cathedrals in Old Town Girona on Thursday. They definitely look as though they could be used as a set in the Game of Thrones.

imageThis is the Girona Cathedral, we counted, 90 steps to get up to the doors, which are absolutely gorgeous, and we watched a young girl run up and down these steps 6 or 7 times in a row!  Much fitter than either of us, that’s for sure.
imageMy favourite spots in all of Girona are the fortress walls that surround the Old Town and the secret garden spots among the ruins behind the Cathedral.image imageWe watched the sunset from the top of some of these old walls.imageI love the roads, they are all made with pebbles, or lovely old brick tiles.  Not a cement or paved road in sight.  Just imagine how long it took to make all these roads and walkways and stairs.image

We walked around the narrow winding streets, peeking into shops and absorbing the atmosphere.  We head back to our hotel about 8:00. We were only a twenty minute walk away.  Here are a couple night shots.image image

Friday we head back to the Old Town for some more exploring. I love all the interesting details everywhere I look, like this door handle.image

We have never seen a bus inside a coffee shop before.
imageThe streets are very, very narrow, and dark because the sun just doesn’t reach the bottom of them and there are these lovely little passage ways that connect many of the streets.image image  These big stones are old Roman stones from the Third Century!  The walls are such an interesting mix of stones, and bricks and pebbles.  Buildings were torn down and their stones used to build new places, and this happened over and over again.imageWe walked along the base of these city walls trying to find a way on to the top of them,.  We were finally successful and walked along the top of these ancient walls.image

Here is the view from the top.  We walked along the long wall on the far left side of the picture.
image  Next stop was the Arab baths that dated back to the 11th Century.  There were cold, warm and hot baths, pretty amazing technology for that long ago.  And this pool had a “skylight ” above it!image  The same view as the night picture yesterday.image We head home through this park with perfectly spaced rows of trees after having a nice meal near the river in the above picture. image This is our last view of Old Town Girona.image

3 thoughts on ““Winter is Coming!”

  1. so neat that you can enjoy this with Bob…and I too loved the corners behind the churches..some even have tombstones…never knew what you would find around the corner…love your blog!!


  2. The sidewalks in Brazil are the same. Very labor intensive. Unfortunately they are constructed by
    those in the lower echelons of society so the pay is commensurately marginal.


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