A Relaxing Day at the Beach

Friday, October 30

Our Algarve beach of choice today is Praia dos Trés Castelos, which is on the other side of the big rocks at the west end of the beach we visited yesterday. This is our first view of this beach from up near the parking lot.imageThere are lots of stairs to get down to the beach, and of course we will have to walk back up them at the end of the day!  We walk to the end of the beach and find a sheltered area near these cliffs.  It is quite windy today so a bit of a wind break is nice. We build ourselves a couple of sand beach chairs.image

We sit for a couple of hours just watching the waves and the other people on the beach. There are actually people in the water, in bikinis, and I’m sitting here with all my clothes and two sweaters!imageWe have been watching people go through the cave at the bottom of this cliff., so we go explore where it goes.image

Turns out it is a pathway to the beach we were on yesterday. We climb some nearby stairs to get a view of both beaches from the top…imageand then we climb these stairs back down to the beach to walk back towards our car park.

imageBob checks out the incoming tide, which does manage to get him a wee bit wet.imageThis little boy ran back and forth repeatedly as the waves rolled onto the shore. He was having such fun! image image image

We sit for at least an hour just watching the tide come in, and two kids playing in the surf with their sand castle, but it is getting cold so we decide to leave. One last picture as we climb the big flight of stairs back to our car.  I forgot my camera at the apartment today so had to use the camera on the cell phone.image

The walkway back to the car here is cobbled as well. I really like these walkways and streets.





1 thought on “A Relaxing Day at the Beach

  1. The cell phone takes some pretty darn good pictures! Gorgeous beaches. I love the photo of you on the balcony.

    The sidewalks are similar in Brazil.


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