Wednesday November 18

Our apartment is near the small village of Alhendin about a half hour from Granada. It is a bit more remote than we had anticipated but it is a very nice, quiet apartment in the walk out basement of a new house. We spend a quiet day, only going into town to get groceries in the afternoon and to book our tickets for the Alhambra in Granada.  We got these at a bank machine but it did take us a while to figure it all out. Things are not always as easy or simple as we think they are going to be.  On our walk to the bank we see these granadas (pomegranates) growing on a tree.  I didn’t know that when they get very ripe they just split open.


Thursday November 19

I had a quiet day and Bob took the bus into Granada and went to the Science Center.  He spent 4 hours exploring the various exhibits on anthropology, medicine, transportation and inventions.  Below is a model of the blood vessels in a human arm.

image  The tower has a great view of Granada, but watch out for the giant bugs!image

This is a mummy from the Sixth Century found in Peru.  The cold, arid climate in the Andies helped preserve the remains.  Legend says that he was travelling with his wife for three months and she was the navigator.  His last screams are captured just as he froze to death after getting lost again.  (Can you tell who wrote this part?)image

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