La Spezia, Italy

Day 56, Monday October 30, 2017

We are now in La Spezia on the west coast of Italy. We went for a 4 1/2 hour walk this afternoon to the harbour in La Spezia. This was our view for our tea and cookie break, before we went to check out all the boats.In the distance there are two big cruise ships that dwarf everything around them.We check out the fishing boats, and our shadow selves take a closer look.Then we pass all the sail boats…on our way to where the ‘big boys’ dock.At least we thought they were the big boys, until we saw these!  See the men on the sailboat?  This gives some idea of just how huge these boats were.Hard to imagine that a boat this big is privately owned.
This one has three more boats inside!Bob noticed something rather strange on this boat. Can you spot it?

We caught a bus home which stops right in front of our apartment. I was happy as I didn’t want to walk another 15,000 steps to get home!

1 thought on “La Spezia, Italy

  1. Can’t even imagine walking 4.5 hours!
    Frustrated because I can’t figure out what is unusual on the boat. Maybe Bob had an advantage being there in person. LOL!

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