IKEA, Munich

Day 61, Friday, October 25, 2019

Bob visited the ESO Supernova Planetarium today and I stayed home.  He said it had lots of information about the new observatory being built on a high mountain in Chile, but he didn’t take any photos.

After supper we went to check out the Munich IKEA.  It is only a short bus ride from our apartment and we were curious if it was the same as our IKEA at home.

What do you notice about these room displays? We thought that the rooms weren’t staged as well as our IKEA at home.  The rooms seemed cluttered and not as appealing as the IKEA displays we are used to.

4 thoughts on “IKEA, Munich

  1. The rooms didn’t particularly appeal to me either
    Too bad Bob didn’t take pictures because we are VERY interested in the planetarium especially since Joe came close to becoming an astronomer (his 2nd passion).


    • I suppose, but there were many really large pieces of furniture here, and huge kitchen displays. It just seemed that the displays weren’t as well designed as in the IKEA at home. At times it looked like the accessories were just tossed down, not arranged, especially things like pillows, books, and objects on tables. It was still interesting though, to see the similarities and the differences


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