Vienna, Austria to Bratislava, Slovakia

Day 67, Thursday, October 31, 2019

We need to return our rental car today.  We rented it in Bratislava, Slovakia, which is about an hour drive from Vienna.  We got the same type of car, from the same car rental company, for half the price we would have paid if we had rented it in Vienna!

It is so foggy that we can not see the tops of the wind turbines.  There are lots and lots of them along the highway.  When we pass some that are close to the road we can see just how enormous these wind turbines are.
As we get closer to Bratislava the fog lifts, but it is still a very grey day. This is the border crossing into Slovakia.  Because of the European Union there are no border checks or stops, but I do miss getting a stamp in our passports though. We return the car, and catch a FlixBus back to Vienna.  Just as the bus pulls up I realize I have lost a pair of sunglasses somewhere in the airport, but there is no time to go back and look for them.  These buildings under construction near the Bratislava bus terminal have scaffolding all the way up to the top!  I can’t imagine having to work on scaffolding that high off the ground. There is lots of construction in Bratislava, which has a population of 425,000.  We get settled into our apartment and then head out to a life drawing session at 6:30.  When we find the Kaffeebar it is in, we find out that the session was cancelled because it is Halloween.  Oh well, we got to figure out the way there and I will try again next Thursday.  Halloween in Austria is a time when adults get dressed up and party but the children do not go door to door for treats like they do at home.

Day 68, Friday, November 1, 2019

We both enjoyed having a quiet day.  I stayed home all day and Bob went for a walk in the afternoon while I made us a yummy chicken dinner.  Then we had popcorn and watched a movie.  It was a nice relaxing day.

2 thoughts on “Vienna, Austria to Bratislava, Slovakia

  1. Ryan has done business in Bratislava but he usually flies to Vienna & rents a car from there as it’s more convenient. Sounds like you are very busy. Interesting about the wind turbines. Here in Scottsdale I’ve seen quite a few solar panels on roofs & up north of here they are shutting down coal fired plants that provide a lot of employment for the Navaho & others. I imagine you carrying around a big pack of drawing paper & materials! It’s snowing today in St. Albert but hot n sunny here. We go home on the 17th.


  2. Hi Jeanette, Yes, I am hauling around art stuff and have managed to purchase a few more items along the way, including two fairly large sketchbooks and a huge, very heavy book on the Durer exhibit we saw in Vienna! My suitcase is getting a bit heavy. Going to Bratislava did save us a lot of money but you are right, it isn’t the most convenient as it took several hours to get there and back. See you before long.


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