Verazdin, Croatia

Day 88,  Thursday, November 21, 2019

It poured all day Wednesday, so we both stayed home.  Bob got a much needed haircut and we washed clothes.

Thursday was another quiet day for both of us as well.  Bob went for a walk in the afternoon, but said there wasn’t much happening in town.  I got a chance to work on my blog on both days and with this post I am almost caught up.  Just in time as we only have four more sleeps until we head home.

I found this tiny book in the apartment today.  It is a miniature Gutenburg Bible. It is certainly the tiniest book I have ever seen. Our apartment is the second from the bottom balcony on the left side of the photo.  The end of our street is countryside. I took a peek into the empty apartment building across the street.  One of the empty store fronts on the ground floor looked like someone might have once stayed there. I was startled when a wild cat gave a loud yowl and ran past me to get out the door.  I decided maybe I better not explore any further!

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