Back to the Académie

image We had a fantastic model today!  What a difference a model can make to the feel of a class.  This lovely lady had such positive energy and beautiful poses.  It was easy to see that she took this job seriously and that she enjoys modelling.  I hope she sets the standard for Parisian models.


Waiting for class to start.

imageEasels and stools, supposedly the originals, the pot belly stove is for sure.  I think the studio must get quite cool in the winter, the back wall Is very cold already.  I was leaning up against it the first time I went and had to move; it was way too cold.

I desperately wanted to stay for the second session from 3:15 until 6:00, but I was just too tired.  It can be a tad frustrating having a body that needs more rest than I think it should.  I did buy ‘une carnet de douze séances’ today, this is a pack of tickets for twelve sessions. It is certainly much more expensive to draw in Paris than at home.  At Harcourt House I buy a yearly membership for $25 and then a three hour drawing session costs $8.00!  I alway thought that was a great price but I truly did not appreciate just how wonderful it really is.  A package of twelve sessions here is 170€, which works out to $20.50 Canadian per session and a regular drop in session without a ticket is 18€, or $25.75 Canadian.

Here are a couple of sketches from today.  The first is a five minute pose, the second a twenty minute one.

image imageI stopped in to an art store across the street from the Academié, but just had a quick look around and decided I had  better head for home.  They had a good deal on some Canson papers in case I decide to work larger.



There were also some very nice Japanese watercolours in the window, but they were very expensive.  The set with the twelve large pans is 282€!

It was so nice to come home to soup in the fridge and cooked apples for dessert.  I definitely pays to do a bit of prep work every few days.



7 thoughts on “Back to the Académie

  1. Hey Trudy……what an amazing journey you are taking me on. You sketches have picked up the model’s energy……they too are beautiful and alive. Jan Alexander


      • You are right about only posting the good stuff. Life drawing is like practicing a musical instrument, only the practice does not disappear into the air, it remains as marks on the page, some good, some not so good, but all leading to improving skills.


  2. Trudy, I am really enjoying following your adventure. I understand the frustration of having a body that won’t keep up with your mind, but I think you are doing an admirable job of taking in everything Paris has to offer. Lucas and I are sending you hugs and loads of creative energy from afar!
    – Wendi


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