Balzac and Beautiful Buildings

I went to the noon drawing session at the Académie and then decided I needed to come home afterwards for a bit of rest.  The weekend was busy and I have had a couple of restless nights so I didn’t have much energy today.  Here’s a 15 minute pose,  3 x5 minutes poses, and then a twenty minute one.

imageYet another great model.




I am still feeling my way with the watercolour gestures, some work better than others, I think I’ll keep at it for a  bit longer.  I am working in a A4 sketchbook which is about 8 1/2″ x 11 1/2″, so the drawings I am posting are done on that size paper.imageWhat a treat, a new model every day. Tomorrow I plan on staying for both sessions as there is supposed to be a male model at 3:00.  So I will take it easy tonight, get organized for tomorrow, and hopefully get a better night’s sleep.

Here are photos of few buildings along the way to the Eiffel Tower. I love the tops of these buildings, they look so intriguing.  I wish I was able to see what the insides of the apartments up there look like.

imageimage image

There was an outdoor exhibit of children’s art alongside a park, near the studio where I was drawing.


This is a view of the Seine River from the Pont Alexander III beside the Eiffel Tower.  I do want to take a boat ride on the river before I go home.  I think I better start making a list, as I know I am going to run out of time.


And then there is this very famous statue of Balzac by Rodin.  It is on the median beside the Vavin Metro station, which is the metro station I use to get to the Académie de la Grande Chaumière.  I passed it several times and didn’t even see it until a couple of days ago.


One last photo.


Did you spot the artist?  I always notice them but wonder how many other people do?


6 thoughts on “Balzac and Beautiful Buildings

  1. Is the artist standing under the blue sign?
    As always, I enjoyed your sketches. The architectural gems also fascinate me. It certainly would be wonderful to take a tour of the buildings.
    Le bateau Moche is definitely an experience I hope you have time for.


  2. Hi Trudy, Rae has just shared your blog with me and can I say I have just spent the most fabulous hour reading all your posts of the last few weeks, looking at your photos and sketches and recalling my own all too brief visit to Paris a few years ago. It is a city I too love and like you spent hours walking the neighbourhoods and getting lost heading off down alleys to see what was around the next corner. Spending a month in Paris concentrating on your art, and just being is wicked! ENJOY! XO Michelle Baird


    • Not yet, but it is on my list. There are a few too many things on that list, I am not sure I will get to all of them. I would rather see fewer things thoroughly than zip through many venues, so I don’t get to lots of different places in a day. Of course, my life drawing takes a big chunk of time each week as well. I am loving it all.


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