Académie and LaRotonde

Two drawing sessions today, six hours. I decided to use some Derwent Drawing Pencils I brought with me.  The are softer than coloured pencils, look like conté a bit,  but they don’t smudge like conté.


5 Minutes poses


15 minute poses


20 minute poses.  The model had a tummy that made her look like she was pregnant but I’m pretty sure she wasn’t.  Nice to draw in any case.

The male model this afternoon had a very muscular build but he was also very tall so he had extremely long legs and arms, broad shoulders and the tiniest waist.


Very beautiful to look at but very difficult to draw.  By the end of the three hours I was just beginning to get familiar enough with his body to figure out how to get him on paper.


I met two very nice ladies today, and we went for drinks after class to LaRotunda which had many copies of Modigliani paintings on display, one of my favourite artists.  Turns out this is quite a famous cafe, founded in 1911 and frequented by Modigliani, Utrillo, and Picasso, along with Hemmingway, and many other painters and writers.  Often when the poor artists couldn’t pay their bills  they would  pay with a piece of artwork.  My pot of mint tea was 5€, about $7.00 Canadian, but worth every cent.  It arrived on a tray in a silver looking tea pot, with an additional pot of hot water.  Very elegant and we sat and visited for almost two hours.  A lovely time.


It was almost dark by the time I headed for home, so had to take photos under artificial light again…sorry,  not the best, but better than waiting until tomorrow to get it done.


8 thoughts on “Académie and LaRotonde

    • Hi Gayle, The conversation was in a bit of French, but mostly English. One of the ladies was from Paris and the other was from the San Francisco area in the US. She is visiting Paris for five months! And the conversation I eavesdropped on in Sacre Couer was all in English. My French would not have been able to keep up with that one! So not actually very bicultural.


      • Good Morning, Trudy. It is 6:07 am St. Albert time! Again I am enjoying the time of your Life. I so look forward to find your new post and experience your sketches, photo’s and adventures of the day. I can’t wait to see how you will put this all together in a “book”. Thank you so much for bringing me along on your journey. Be Safe.


      • Still an early bird I see! Not sure if it will make it into a book or not, I haven’t got that far yet. Hmmm, now you have got me thinking…..


  1. I am echoing Jan’s comments! Love being part of your artistic adventure. I shall be away in the moutnains all next week and will have a lot of catching up to do when I come home!


    • Have a wonderful time, Chrisitne, I hope there are already fall colours, I remember my first time in the mountains in the Autumn, I was awe struck! The colours were amazing.


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