Our Last Day in Venice

Day 48, Sunday October 22, 2017

A week goes by much too quickly in Venice. There is so much to see, and although we wandered the streets and rode the canals I feel like there is so much that we missed. Our day started out interestingly. As we waited for our bus we heard lots of sirens and then we watched a police escort for lots of motorcycles, probably more than a hundred of them! It was quite something to see.We have a few smaller museums that we want to visit.  Ca’ Rezzonico is first on our list. It was the home of noble family in the 1700’s and once more we see room after amazing room. The ceiling in this room was painted by Tieplol in just twelve days for a wedding! It is so large that I couldn’t even get it all into a photo.Bob was intrigued by the two wooden chandeliers in the ballroom. Imagine having a ballroom your home!The top floor of this museum had thirteen rooms of paintings donated from a private collection and some fantastic views of Venice.There were also several pastel paintings by Rosalba Carriera, 1673-1757, one of the few succesful women painters of this time.
Next stop was Carlo Goldoni’s House, which is a very small theatrical museum with a great staircase.

I was worried that a little book store called Rivoaltus might not be open on Sunday.  We visited this shop on one of our first days in Venice and it had the lovely expensive sketchbook I mentioned that I coveted.  The shop was open and see that empty spot on the bottom shelf? The sketch book is now in my suitcase! Here we are on the Rialto Bridge near the book store.Next stop was the Museum of Palazzo Mocenigo, which was a palace that is now a museum of fabrics, costumes and perfumes. This collection of men’s waistcoats was one of the interesting displays. This collection of ‘archive bundles’ is thought to be of some importance although it has not yet been studied in depth.Here is a close up of some of the bundles. I wonder what interesting documents might be tucked away inside?After wandering up and down more streets and peeking inside a church or two we find a Gondola ride. When we were in Venice almost 40 years ago, we thought the gondolas were too expensive so we never went on one. We rectified that today.Our ride takes us along small canals, under many bridges,
and eventually onto the Grand Canalwhere our excellent Gondoliersafely manoeuvred through this traffic jam.The buildings look a bit different for this perspective, low in the water.
Soon we are back where we started and …it is time to leave Venice.

Paper Arts and Handmade Books

Well, as sometimes happens on blogs I have been absent for too long, however I have been drawing daily and making books and feel that I have had a very productive month.  I am a member of the St. Albert Paper Arts Guild, which is a group of practicing master and intermediate level Paper and Book artists.  We meet regularly throughout the year for weekend workshops and we have a two week workshop in August.

I started working on some handmade books during our March weekend, continued working on them during our April get together and I have just finished them today.

DSC04789 I love piles of books, especially piles of hand made ones.  These journals are 7 1/4” x10 3/4” and the covers are made with my paste papers.  We had a fun weekend in February making paste paper and paste book cloth, so I had a nice stash to choose from.  The pages are Stonehenge 100% rag paper which I painted painted to coordinate with the book covers.

DSC04786I intended to bind them all the same, but as you can see, forgot to do the interlocking stitches on two of the books.  Not sure how I managed that but I didn’t notice until I had almost finished the binding so left those two as Coptic Binding with no extras.DSC04793These books will be for sale in WARES, which is the shop in our City Hall that has work for sale from all the St. Albert Guilds: Paper Arts, Painters, Potters, Floral Arts and Quilters Guilds.  I am very fortunate to live in a city that promotes and supports both the Visual Arts and the Performing Arts.


They look so pretty I wish they were staying on my bookshelf.  I guess I need to make some more for myself.